Monday, November 24, 2008

Arm Made of Vines

This is a design I started a few weeks ago and never got the time to actually finish it. Being a non-athlete this past week or so allowed me some spare time to relax and do some things on my to-do list and this was one of them. It's amazing how much extra time I have now, I'm certainly not complaining, but I wonder how long that will last. Last night I went for a leisurely jog, because now...I don't have run to get in shape, now I run just to run. The difference is incredible. If I want to run slow, I can run slow. The beauty. Anywho, Hope you enjoy this picture.

I'm going to my first packers game tonight, It's gonna be crazy. My roommate and my girlfriend are going as well, I can't wait. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures so I can post them.

My holidays have begun, and this time of the year is my absolute favorite. Loveesss it.

Happy Trails.

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