Thursday, November 6, 2008

...and here we go

I decided today with my roommate that it was time to blog. So I did a little researchin' and found that google had a pretty cool free blog spot. So here I am, my first post, my first blog...I'm a blogger now, no big deal. I'll be trying to stay up to date with this and post a lot of pictures. Friday night is coming fast, and it's my last home soccer game I'll ever play on Riggs Field. Pretty crazy how time flies, but I guess everyone says that. 
Well, it's to late and I have to wake up at 9, which I probably won't, but I'll try my best.

p.s. The picture is from my walk I took today, all the leaves are changing, and it's pretty amazing to see all the different colors, I took a lot and will post more from the set later on. 


Nov. 4th- 2008 - Barack Obama was elected president. 
- I'm pretty excited to see how things shape up, we are definitely in a downward spin right now as a nation but the charismatic views of Obama and his persistent personality seem to be a step in the right direction in altering what has got us to where we are today. I don't necessarily agree with all of his policies, but I didn't agree with all of McCain's either. Obama has already rewritten history without doing anything, now hopefully he will change things for the betterment of our country. Only time will tell. 

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